Oregon Homemade Jam and Jelly - Huckleberry Jam, Marionberry Jam and more.
Oregon Homemade Jam and Jelly - Huckleberry Jam, Marionberry Jam and more.

Homemade Jam and Jelly
Misty Meadows Jams - Oregon Homemade Jam and Jelly
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Handmade Jam and Jelly
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Fruit Butters
 •  Apple Butter
  This is the old-fashion kind, cooked slowly over low heat to reduce and carmelize the natural sugar. Then we add the rest of the stuff and cook some more until it's just the right thickness. Spicy and warm!
 •  Apricot Butter
  We've captured the full fruit bouquet in this, our most popular butter. Bright orange and smooth as silk, the flavor floats out of every jar. If you love apricots, you'll LOVE this.
 •  Bandon Cranberry Butter
  We specially prepare the Cranberries in this butter to make them smooth and spreadable. The same great color and tart flavor are still in there. Use this on bread to complement a turkey sandwich (no fat alternative to mayo)
 •  Oregon Cherry Butter
  We use the same sour pie cherries for this as we do for jam. But this one is smooth and spreadable. Tastes just like Cherry pie and is my personal favorite.
 •  Oregon Peach Butter
  The warm sweeteness of Peaches in a soft spread. We add secret spices to enhance the flavor. Oregon's Peaches are tasty, sweet and juicy.
 •  Oregon Pear Butter
  Pears from the Willamette Valley blushed with sun end up in here. The butter is smooth and sweet. We add special spices to complement the fruit so you get a full pear flavor in every jar.
 •  Pumpkin Butter
  Pumpkin pie in a jar. Great spiced flavor and spreadable, it may sound weird but it's wonderful. comes in a pumpkin shaped jar. What a great way to eat your vegetables. (PS Kids love this stuff!)

Homemade Jam
 •  Bandon Cranberry Jam
  Locally grown in the Cranberry Capital of Oregon, cranberry is the familiar dark red, tart berry we've all grown up with. Not only does the jam taste great on toast, but try it on a Turkey sandwich in place of the mayo. Yummm!
 •  Black Raspberry Jam
  In spite of its name, this berry has a distinct flavor from its red cousin. Super dark, pungent in flavor, Black Raspberries are increasingly rare. Special pricing applies and quantities may be limited.
 •  Boysenberry Jam
  This is the fruit that made Mr. Knott well-known. It is a cousin of both Blackberry and Marionberry and thus shares a similar flavor and seediness. Makes a great addition to Belgian waffles.
 •  Cranberry Marmalade Jam
  We've combined two familiar flavors into one great marmalade. Cranberries and oranges mixed together give the great color and tart flavor we've all come to know and love.
 •  Cranberry Raspberry Jam
  A great combination of tart and sweet. Raspberry tames the tart, Cranberry perks up the sweet. Enjoy our local berries on your favorite sandwich.
 •  Gooseberry Jam
  Oregon produces over 90% of all the gooseberries grown in the USA. They are green, seedy, and very tart. Probably best known as a pie ingredient, gooseberries in jam are uncommon but wonderful.
 •  Loganberry Jam
  Dr. Logan's invention of a cross of Red Raspberry and ?, Loganberry has the red color but a flavor all its own. Makes a great PB & J sandwich.
 •  Marionberry Jam
  Marionberries are true Oregonians, born and bred in the Willamette Valley. Their clear fruity flavor makes them a favorite in the cane berry clan. Great on bread, the jam is also good warmed and poured over ice cream. (PS If you ever travel to Oregon, a Marionberry pie is NOT to be missed!)
 •  Marvelous Marmalade Jam
  So okay, oranges don't grow in Oregon. But we do cook the marmalade by hand, from scratch. Enjoy some on english muffins with hot tea and capture a ray of sunshine.
 •  Oregon Blueberry Jam
  We grow these dark blue jewels here on the farm. Our prize winning berries are great to eat fresh--July 4 to Labor Day--or cooked up into a smooth, sweet jam that captures the flavor of summer. Especially with on top of a thick layer of cream cheese.
 •  Oregon Cherry Jam
  My personal favorite! We make this only from tart pie cherries so its beautiful color and true cherry flavor shine through. Great with whole grain bread or slathered on frozen yogurt. Yummm!
 •  Rare or Hard-to-Find Jam
  Salal, Wild Red Huckleberry, wild Dewberry(the true native), Mahonia(wild grape) and soon to arrive Ollalieberry--very limited supplies so don't wait too long to order.
 •  Red Raspberry Jam
  Our raspberries are grown in the heat of the Willamette Valley, where they mature to a sweet dark red delicacy. Packed full of vitamins and other things good for you, they have a wonderful bouquet, great for including in recipes, slathering on fresh bread, or enjoyed direct from the jar with a big spoon. Enjoy!
 •  Strawberry Jam
  Oregon is famous for its Strawberries. I eat this with a spoon right out of the jar. Need I say more.
 •  Strawberry Rhubarb Jam
  This is an old-fashion jam we stir up just like Grandma used to do. The sweetness of Oregon Strawberries mixes well with the tart of Rhubarb.
 •  Tayberry Jam
  Looking for the rare berry? This is it. A cross between Raspberry & ?, it has a similiar but individual taste. Special pricing applies and quantities are limited.
 •  Wild Blackberry Jam
  The berry that made Oregon famous! Growing wherever there is an open space, blackberries are the treasure of late summer. Their dark purple color and sweet juice make them popular with people (and the local wildlife). Enjoy a taste of Oregon in a jar.
 •  Wild Huckleberry Jam
  Growing wild on the edges of open meadows, huckleberries are a special treat. A cousin of both cranberry and blueberry, they are very dark and tart. We gather them in the cool days of fall and store up enough to last all year long. If you're looking for the unusual goody, this is it.
 •  Yellow Raspberry Jam
  The newest member of our expanding jam family, Yellow Raspberries are golden in color with a soft sweet flavor. If you've visited our store, this is the one you sampled at the door.

Homemade Jelly
 •  Apple Jelly
  an old-fashion favorite. This jelly is available only in 13 oz. Facet jars.
 •  Beer Jelly
  Before you wrinkle up your nose, try it. You'll like it. We've maintained the essence of the Beer flavor, combined it with fruit juices and voila! Lift a glass today.
 •  Black Currant Jelly
  No seeds in here, just dark purple juice. This jelly has a distinctive flavor that's hard to describe but great to eat!
 •  Cranberry Raspberry Jelly
  Two of our favorite flavors blended in one seed free jelly. Bandon Cranberries and Oregon Raspberries make a tasty combination.
 •  Marionberry Jelly
  Only the juice from the berries born and bred in Marion County, Oregon. Tastes like a cross between Boysens and Red Rasps.
 •  Pomegranate Jelly
  Clear as a bell and dark red. This jelly has a nice sharp flavor. Great with cheese or eat as an accompaniment to chicken.
 •  Red Currant Jelly
  A clear red jelly that's tart and delightful. No seeds, it's not only good on bread but is a great complement to savory dishes.
 •  Red Raspberry Jelly
  No seeds but all the flavor, Raspberry Jelly is a favorite with grown-ups and kids alike. Great with cream cheese on a bagel.
 •  Wild Blackberry Jelly
  We strain out the seeds and use the juice only. Still has the great Blackberry flavor we all know and love.

 •  Blackberry Honey
  When Blackberries bloom, it seems like Oregon is solid with flowers. The bees are at the peak of their summer activity just when blackberry flowers are plentiful. They capture the perfect timing of Nature in this honey.
 •  Clover Honey
  Hives for these bees are primarily pollinating clover fields, hence the name. It has a "typical" honey flavor and color, good for all around uses.
 •  Lemon Honey
  When the bees visit the citrus blooms, they not only collect pollen and nectar, but they also bring back the essence of lemon. It's a subtle bouquet, delightful in tea.
 •  Orange Honey
  Hives used for pollinating citrus blossoms pick up the essence of the fruit. There is a delightful hint of orange infused throughtout.
 •  Oregon Wildflower Honey
  Only what the bees put in it! Hives for this honey are moved around constantly so there is no distinctive flavor. But is a robust unpasteurized natural honey.
 •  Star Thistle Honey
  Lighter in color than its fully wild partner, this is Eastern Oregon honey. Star thistle is a noxious weed that makes great honey.

No Sugar Added Spreads
 •  Cranberry
  Just fruit and unsweetened juice plus a special pectin that sets without sugar. It's tart and flavorful. Sweeten it if you like with honey or sweetener.
 •  Marionberry
  Just the fruit and a special pectin that sets without sugar. It's very tart. Sweeten with honey, sugar or sweetener to suit your taste.
 •  Red Raspberry
  Our newest addition. These spreads are unsweetened, and are tart. Add whichever sweetener you like: honey, artificial or just a sprinkle of sugar.
 •  Wild Blackberry
  Just what nature put in the fruit. We add a special pectin to turn the fruit into jam without adding sugar. It's very tart. Sweeten with honey, sugar, or sweetener if you like.
 •  Wild Huckleberry
  Get the taste of our native berry without any added sugar. It's very tart. You can add honey or sweetener to suit your own taste.

Special Goodies
 •  BBQ: Apricot
  If you like a sweeter BBQ sauce to get that special crusty flavor, then this is the one. A little higher sugar content in Apricots gets a good crunchy outside while capturing the juices inside.
 •  BBQ: Bandon Cranberry
  Tired of traditional sauce? Add a little kick to your next BBQ with our Cranberry BBQ. Great smoky flavor and a little something extra.
 •  BBQ: Wild Blackberry
  Wild Blackberries and BBQ--what a combo. The sweet essence of the fruit makes for great crusty ribs with a wonderful smoky flavor.
 •  BBQ: Wild Huckleberry
  We've combined wild Huckleberries and BBQ. Nothing better than food cooked over an open flame smothered in sauce from our native berries.
 •  Garlic Cloves--5 oz
  Nice and crunchy and you don't have to peel them! Dice them for recipes or just snack on them straight from the jar.
 •  Olives--10 oz
  We have a whole family of stuffed olives: Garlic, Jalapeno, and Pimiento, or try some of the more exotic ones: Anchovy, Bleu Cheese, Double (both garlic and jalapeno) and the HOTTEST of all, Habanero.
 •  Original Pepper Jelly
  Red and Green Peppers suspended in a nippy jelly. Looks pretty just sitting there, but it's even better when you open it and dig in. Great on ribs.
 •  Pepper Jelly: Apricot
  Sweeter than our other two pepper jellies, this one is golden and well-seasoned. Hot enough to notice without taking your breath away.
 •  Pepper Jelly: Bandon Cranberry
  A rosy red spicy jelly that's great with cream cheese on toast. Also makes a great baste for BBQd chicken.
 •  Pepper Jelly: Garlic
  If you really like garlic, this is the jelly for you. Packed with minced garlic and a good nip of peppers, this is great on meat and cheese sandwiches instead of mayo. And no fat!
 •  Salsa: Cranberry
  Where's the chips? Dig in to a bowlful of our sassy salsa and you'll never eat store bought again. We concoct this completely from scratch. Has a good bite that goes down well with a local microbrew.
 •  Salsa: Peach
  Spicy and sweet at the same time. Great with chips or slather on tacos. YUM!!!

 •  Apricot
  Apricots that pour right out of the jar. Great on French toast or use it to baste next time you barbecue or broil anything.
 •  Black Raspberry
  A truly unusual product. Black raspberries are a hard-to-find berry with a distinctive deep flavor. If you want to serve a rare one. This is it.
 •  Cranberry
  Ruby red juice from locally grown cranberries combines with sugar to make a glowing red syrup. Try with pancakes or baste a roast chicken.
 •  Marionberry
  The juice, the whole juice and nothing but the juice (And enough sugar to thicken it). Pour over hot steaming Belgian waffles and dig in.
 •  Oregon Blueberry
  We raise our own berries, extract the juice, add sugar and presto! Fresh, clear Blueberry Syrup. A feast fit for a monarch.
 •  Red Raspberry
  What a great start for amorning! Pure Red Raspberry syrup and crepes. No seeds, just the juice.
 •  Wild Blackberry
  Only from the wild berries. We strain off the dark purple juice and using our tried and true recipe we create the perfect syrup for morning pancakes.
 •  Wild Huckleberry
  Pure juice, blended just so, captures the flavor of our native berry. Too dark to even see through, it is ambrosia running down a stack of flapjacks.

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